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Our breeding program is focused on producing top-quality horses and ponies with exceptional conformation, athleticism, and temperament. We carefully select our breeding stock based on their proven performance records and conformational traits, and we use only the best bloodlines from around the world. Our foals receive the best care and training to ensure their success in any discipline. Contact us to learn more about our breeding program.



Megan began riding at the young age of three. Beginning in the hunters, she made the switch to three day eventing in 1999. In 2006 she moved to Northern California to attend Sonoma State University, where she received her degree in Biology. While in college, Megan met Darian Hall of Rosewood Farm Connemaras. This is where Megan's love for the breed began and flourished. She began working for Darian in 2008 starting the young stock under saddle and competing the broodmares.


In 2010 Megan served as the chairman to Region X for the American Connemara Pony Society. Upon graduation in 2011, she made the decision to move abroad to Ireland to work and study with the British Horse Society. After she returned to the states she focused primarily on her fast growing training business. In 2018 Megan purchased her own property in Norco, CA. Her love for the Connemara breed never dwindled and she decided to dive into the breeding business as a breeder herself thus beginning Telesis Connemaras. 


Megan stands her two stallions, Telesis Carraig Rua and *Swansview Mirahs Shadow, at stud at her farm. Alongside her own personal ponies, Megan helps to ride and promote ponies for Kathy Lucas of Gately Farm Connemaras. She also has several of her clients on Connemara ponies as well. The goal being to fill the whole barn with these wonderful ponies! 

“The Connemara is a unique and versatile breed, known for its athleticism, intelligence, and kind temperament. We are proud to be a part of the Connemara community and to share our love for these amazing PONIES with others.”

- The Telesis Team -

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